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And proud of it!!


As an Inland  Dealer, you will benefit from the many outstanding value advantages we offer, including:

  • Internationally recognized brands and well-established, best-in-class product lines.
  • Competitive products for every season, plus devoted, knowledgeable Inland reps to help you build a stronger and profitable business.
  • State of the art opportunities for increasing profitability, such as:
    – Business    and staff education – Exceptional technical support and training – State of the art internet systems and assistance
  • Exclusive Parts, Accessories, and our whole line-up of quality products.
  • OUR Aggressive marketing programs including comprehensive national and co-op multi-media campaigns, point of purchase materials, signage programs and direct mail promotions
  • Financing and Floor Plan options to meet your cash-flow needs


See if you have what it takes to join the Inland Dealer Network…

  • Are you professional, experienced and business-minded?
  • Do you know the  business?
  • Do you take great pride in superior customer service?
  • Are you keen on continuous improvement and training?
  • Do you have the necessary financial resources?
  • Are you a passionate and self-motivated “people” person?

Inland  represents only with premiums brand and we are looking for premium dealers to showcase our products.  In order to become an Inland dealer, certain requirements are necessary to enhance our Manufacturers brand experience.

   Since 1989, the Costco Auto Program has provided Costco members access to dealerships for vehicle purchases. And with expanding program features, we now offer savings on motorcycles and powersports products.

Our dealership partners share the Costco Wholesale philosophy of offering members a great value and an exceptional buying experience. As a participating Costco Auto Program dealer, you’ll gain access to a proven sales process which many of our long-term dealers use to maximize their success.

In 2015, the Costco Auto Program generated nearly 465,000 vehicle sales throughout the country; many of which came from your market area. In short, Costco members are qualified when they arrive at your dealership to purchase a vehicle.

Exclusive Protected Market Areas Your dealership will receive exclusivity for your brand in your market area.

We send customers to you, and only you, branding your dealership as one who delivers great value and customer service. Additionally, we direct all customers to you to see their prearranged price; we do not provide pricing by phone or online.

Costco Wholesale Member Demographics Costco is the second largest retailer in the U.S. with more than 480 warehouses and over 45 million members.

The average Costco member has a college education, owns a home and earns approximately $100,000 a year.

• Costco members exceed the national average for household incomes, home ownership and credit scores

• Costco members are less vulnerable to shifts in the economy when compared to the general public

• Costco Wholesale parking lots are filled with newer vehicles; reflecting the purchasing power of Costco members Marketing to Affluent Costco Members Our marketing team aggressively promotes the program to Costco members, driving them to your dealership through:

• Print materials distributed at each warehouse • Direct mail • Online advertising through the website.

• Frequent emails to Costco members from the Costco Auto Program Loyal Costco Members.

Loyal Costco Members Costco members are not tire kickers; but rather are savvy consumers who take advantage of the benefits their paid membership affords. Great demographics translate to greater potential for increased sales from the thousands of members at your local Costco warehouse. The powersports buying program is very popular among Costco members who see the value in visiting our participating dealerships for assistance with new vehicle purchases.

Isn’t it time for your dealership to join our winning team?