Inland Power Sports is run by a team of  Experts in the power sports industry and  is proud to Represent one of the finest motorcycles that are designed and assembled in the USA!

About Pagsta Motors

According to George Gemayal, the founder of California Environmental Engineering (CEE), Pagsta’s 320cc engine is the best 320cc motorcycle CEE has ever tested. Pagsta Motors’ classic style motorcycles provide exciting, rock-solid performance with twin cylinder 320cc electronically fuel-injected 5-speed engine and lightweight, responsive frames. Pagstas are designed and assembled in the USA with quality parts like NAPA or Yuasa batteries,  Gates hoses, Kenda tires, and Delphi fuel injection, and NGK spark plugs. An MSRP of $4,999 and less makes the bikes even more fun!

In October 2015 Pagsta Motors officially launched with their 2016 lineup of motorcycles. Bellestar Group Ventures, LLC established Pagsta, LLC to resurrect the Pagsta brand that had lain dormant after the passing of the brand’s original designer/founder.  Pagsta Corporate offices are located in Las Vegas, NV with manufacturing and assembly facilities in Virgina.

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