“At Inland Power Sports, Our mission is to identify and partner with premier Power sport Dealers who are dedicated to bringing a high level of value, service and quality to their customers.

We are an exclusive manufacturing representative for some of the most sought after Power Sports and Cycle Brands and are seeking qualified dealers in select markets throughout the United States.

Please Contact Us to learn more about how you can grow your bottom line by providing your customers with our exciting line of Power Sport product.

We also Feature Ventz become a dealer today!

Improved air-flow


You will immediately benefit from the cool, soothing air circulating around your upper body.


Made from extremely lightweight materials, you will almost forget they are even there!


Ventz are made from shatter proof materials and the inside is synthetic rubber, making them both safe and comfortable.

Reduced Perspiration

By Reducing you temperature to a comfortable level you will no longer have to worry about the build-up of excessive perspiration.

Gloves not required

The flexible clip on top of the Ventz module will secure the unit in place with or without gloves being worn.


Ventz efficient design mean that the product is very portable, fitting into almost all pockets
Bryan Stone, National  Director of  Dealership Development

Join us:

April 29 – 30 2018 at the Low Rider Car Show in Miami for more info go to : www.MiamiLowRidercarshow.com

Come Ck us Out at the 2018 Daytona 500, February 16-18,2018  We’er going to be hanging out with the Troptions Crypto Currency NASCAR Team keep your eyes on the number  #15 truck and car.

Dealers ask about our Troptions Crypto Currency programs!!